Bespoke Projects

Need signage that is specifically designed for your business? You’re in the right place!

Here at Bournemouth Sign Co, we create bespoke signs that are tailored to your individual needs.

The process is simple.

  1. We visit your business premises or project site

This is to discuss your individual needs and preferences. You can either show us what you have in mind or work hand-in-hand with our experts to design the perfect bespoke signs for you. We will carry out a detailed survey of the site, advising on materials and any permissions that may be needed.

  1. Our creative team will then make your vision a reality

Once you’re happy with the design, we will begin the manufacturing and fabrication process – skilfully creating your new bespoke signs from the highest quality materials.

  1. Your new bespoke signs will be installed

The final stage is to install your new signage. Our team will arrange a date and time that is suitable for you, putting up the sign quickly and professionally – with minimal disruption.

Signage should showcase your business in the best possible light. It’s there to make sure you get noticed and should reflect exactly who you are as a brand. So why not invest in a bespoke sign today?

What is a bespoke sign?

A bespoke sign is a sign that is made to order. You choose the colours and artwork you want and specify the exact shape and dimensions. The entire design, manufacture and installation process is tailored specifically to your requirements – and the end product is a truly unique sign that is perfect for you.

Is a bespoke sign right for me?

A bespoke sign is an ideal option for anyone looking to accurately showcase their brand and make their business stand out from the crowd. They’re also a great choice for those who wish to:

  • use specialised materials or specialist manufacturing techniques
  • adapt or create a sign so that is suitable for a particular environment
  • create new eco-friendly signs from recycled materials
  • install solar panels for an illuminated signage solution

Bespoke signage is also suitable for those with ‘difficult’ premises. This could be a listed building, with specific guidelines regarding signage, or a challenging building that makes installation difficult (i.e. a tall office building). Either way, we can make the ideal sign for you – ticking all the right boxes in terms of guidelines and regulations and installing the sign quickly, easily and with minimal fuss.

How much do bespoke signs cost?

A bespoke sign is tailored specifically to you. As such, the exact cost will depend on a number of factors, including the size and style of the sign, the materials used and the manufacturing and installation techniques needed. But rest assured, we strive to offer clients their ideal bespoke signage at the best possible price – and we’re always on hand to provide a personalised quote.

For a personalised signage solution, you need a personal approach – and that’s what we offer, here at Bournemouth Sign Co. We work hand-in-hand with clients to create perfect bespoke signs. Our experts can offer tailored advice and guidance on the best way to tackle a project. Listening and building on your ideas, we will do everything in our power to make your vision a reality.

Bournemouth Sign Co are specialists in bespoke design. Whether you’re looking to create something big and bold or would like something small yet effective – however weird and wonderful your ideas – we’re here to help. We have an experienced team and all the necessary manufacturing resources. Get in touch today.